All You Need to Know About Dungeons & Dragons

Dungeons & Dragons, better known as D&D amongst fans, has become an iconic game over the last four decades. D&D has found enormous success amongst its audience, from having a cult following to changing the tabletop game scene. 

While this game has many diehard fans, not everyone understands the history of the game, its rules, and the premise. If you’re interested in learning more about D&D, keep reading to find interesting facts about it and how you can become a better player.

History & Origin

In 1974, Ernest Gary Gygax and David Arneson designed this intricate tabletop game that we know today as Dungeons & Dragons. It was one of the first mainstream role-playing games that quickly became popular for being an engaging activity.

With its growing success, the game got the attention of bigwigs like Hasbro. By 1997, D&D was acquired by a subsidiary of Hasbro called Wizards of the Coast.

Characters & Premise

At its core, D&D is a storytelling game. It’s for anyone and everyone who enjoys escaping to an alternate reality and becoming part of a mystical world. Using this game, you can tell a story with your friends and bring this imaginary world to life. As the game proceeds, you look for more treasure, fight enemies, rescue your allies, and do much more.

In the basic D&D set, the characters can be divided into two classes: Humans and Demi-humans. The humans include cleric, magic user, thief, and fighter. On the other hand, the demi-human class has halfling, dwarf, and elf. The more advanced versions have more characters. Each player can choose their character’s key characteristics such as race, class, ability scores, equipment, and more.

The most important character of the game is the Dungeon Master, who’s responsible for guiding the characters and narrating the story.

Rules of the Game

The rules of the game can be split into four parts. The first part is about specific terms that need to be followed when creating a character. The second part focuses on the three main facets of the game: interaction, exploration, and combat. The third part is all about magic and the rules of spellcasting. The fourth and final part includes information and stat blocks about the different characters of the game.

How to Become a Good D&D Player

Becoming a good D&D player takes time and practice. However, here are a few things you can keep in mind if you want to become better at it.

  • Respect your Dungeon Master and accept their decisions without arguing.  
  • Remember that it’s a multiplayer game, and always be respectful of the people playing with you.
  • Be warm towards new players.
  • Make sure to include everyone in the process.
  • Stay attentive and be ready to play your turn.

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